Curling, also known as “chess on ice” for its required strategy, dates back nearly 400 years. This popular sport is not only a Winter Olympics staple, but a Cleveland fan favorite.

Most closely related to bowls and shuffleboard, curling consists of two teams, each with four players, taking turns sliding heavy polished granite stones called rocks across the ice toward a circular target.

Two sweepers with brooms, or brushes, accompany the rock on its journey by executing a great deal of teamwork to determine the ideal path and degree required for the stone to reach a desired locale. See now why it’s likened to chess?

Not only is this strategic sport popular in the United States, but our neighbors to the north in Canada know a thing or two about competing on the ice. With Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. being in close proximity to the Canadian border, we’d be blanking an end, to put it in curling terms, to not host this competition.

We can’t wait for our masters athletes to sweep their way to victory in Cleveland during Summer 2024.

Age Categories

  • Men’s: 50+
  • Women’s: 50+
  • Mixed: 35+


Athletes may only enter one event.

  • Men’s Team
  • Women’s Team
  • Mixed Team

Looking for a team or partner? Check out the Official 2024 PAMG Team/Partner Finder Facebook page.


Cleveland Skating Club

A staple in our community since 1936, Cleveland Skating Club boasts over eight acres of ice, tennis courts, paddle and squash courts, a swimming pool and fitness center. Nestled in Northeast Ohio’s historic neighborhood of Shaker Heights and just east of Downtown Cleveland, it combines urban convenience with a variety of athletic offerings.

When it comes to the sport of curling, this venue is a proud USA Curling member club location.


Curling Event Details

Event Location: 2500 Kemper Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120

Event Dates: 07/14 – 07/18

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