Rowing, also known as “crew” in the United States, is a sport that involves racing a shell, or boat, down a designed stretch of water using oars. The first boat to cross the finish line is declared the winner.

There will also be a parasport/adaptive option for rowing.

Age Categories

  • Men’s: 27+, 36+, 43+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+
  • Women’s: 27+, 36+, 43+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+
  • Mixed: 27+, 36+, 43+, 50+
  • Para-Sport: 27+

Age for doubles, quads and eights determined by averaging age of crew, not including coxswains.

Competition Format

  • 1500m time trial on the Cuyahoga River


Sculling Boats (two oars per person)

Single Scull (1x)

  • Men’s Single, M1x (A-K)
  • Women’s Single, W1x (A-K)
  • Open Single, O1x (A-K)
  • PR1 Single, PR1 1x
  • PR2 Single, PR2 1x

Double Sculls (2x)

  • Men’s Double, M2x (A-K)
  • Women’s Double, W2x (A-K)
  • Mixed Double, Mix2x (A-K)
  • PR2 Mixed Double, PR2 Mix 2x
  • PR3 Mixed Double,
  • PR3 Mix 2x
  • Inclusion Double 2x, (includes one para and one non-para athlete)

Quadruple Sculls (4x)

  • Men’s Quadruple Sculls, M4x (A-K)
  • Women’s Quadruple Sculls, W4x (A-K)
  • Mixed Quadruple Sculls, Mix4x (A-K)

Sweep Boats (One oar per person)

Coxed Four (4+)

  • Men’s Coxed Four, M4+ (A-K)
  • Women’s Coxed Four, W4+ (A-K)
  • Mixed Coxed Four, Mix4+ (A-K)
  • PR3 Mixed Four, PR3Mix4+
  • Inclusion Four, 4+ (includes two para and two non-para athletes, not including the coxswain)

Eight (8+)

  • Men’s Eight, M8+ (A-K)
  • Women’s Eight, W8+ (A-K)
  • Mixed Eight, Mix8+ (A-K)


The Cleveland Rowing Foundation promotes the athlete, health, educational and social benefits of rowing throughout our Cleveland community.

Looking for a team or partner? Check out the Official 2024 PAMG Team/Partner Finder Facebook page.


Cuyahoga River – Cleveland Rowing Foundation

The Cleveland Rowing Foundation is located in The Flats and will host the rowing  competition for the Games.

The Flats is a neighborhood running along the banks of the Cuyahoga River, a waterway located in Northeast Ohio, that feeds into Lake Erie. This body of water provides opportunities for fun, adventure and water sports and rowing is a great way to experience the beauty of one of Cleveland’s most enduring resources.

Exact course and course map will be provided once confirmed.


Rowing Event Details

Event Location: 1003 British Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44113

Event Dates: 07/14 – 07/14

Parasports/Adaptive Options

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