Para-Sport/Adaptive Offerings

Para-Sports or adaptive sports are sports played by people with differing abilities. The parasport offerings for Summer 2024 are forms of adapted physical activities from existing sports.

The 2024 Pan-American Masters Games believes in diversity, equity and inclusion and strives to include these values in our sports and events. We feel it’s important to offer parasport options for athletes of all abilities to participate in and enjoy the multicultural celebration of active aging.

The following sports are available during The Games in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. as a parasport or adaptive option. Please click on the individual sport below to learn more.


These sports will be offered at various locations. Please see each individual sports page for further information on venues.

More specific parasport and registration information is coming soon!


Parasports / Adaptive Event Details

Event Dates: 07/12 – 07/21

Parasports/Adaptive Options

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