Whether you’re a sprinter, distance runner or have a knack for long jumping, we have a sport for you! Athletics are a group of sporting events involving competitive running, jumping, throwing, and even walking. Most commonly, this sport offers disciplines of track and field, road running and race-walking competitions.

While we’d like you to thank Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. for organizing these events, we can’t take all the credit. Athletics can be traced back to the Ancient Olympic Games in 700 B.C. With such deep history, we knew the 2024 Pan-American Masters Games wouldn’t be complete without this Olympic sport.

During the Games, we’ll be offering the following athletic disciplines:

There will also be a parasport/adaptive option for athletics. Please visit each individual sport page for more information.

Looking for a team or partner? Check out the Official 2024 PAMG Team/Partner Finder Facebook page.


Race courses for the Half Marathon and Road Race 10K are coming soon. We’re busy planning a fun and challenging route through our iconic downtown complete with must-see Cleveland locations. Please check each sport page for updates.

Track & Field: Baldwin Wallace University’s George Finnie Stadium

Our Track and Field event will be held at Baldwin Wallace University’s George Finnie Stadium, home of Yellow Jacket sports. Visit our track and field sports page for more information on this venue.


Athletics Event Details

Event Dates: 07/13 – 07/21

Parasports/Adaptive Options